About Park View

In 1965, Park View opened its doors to students for the first time.  The school population reached 1,100 that first year, and all the students piled into the school (which consisted of only 7th and 8th grade halls)!  There were no clubs, organizations, or athletics in 1965.  It was believed that "a child should stay young and not be forced into responsibility.  They didn't have enough time to just be a kid and preserve their childhood," said Ms. Mikulik, who taught at Park View for many years, including that opening year.

The library hall was an open space with the teacher's lounge.  The music department had to practice outside because there was no "music hall."  Park View was considered the "rich school" with many elementary schools that fed into it.  Park View was one of the only schools in the district with air conditioning!

Since 1965, Park View Intermediate has had only five head principals.  Each one of them has had a goal to make Park View the best school that it can be. Mr. John Clinton, the first principal of Park View Intermediate, chose the Cowboys as the school mascot out of his love for the Dallas Cowboys Football Organization.

Some of the accomplishments of the school include receiving the Governor's Grant in 1993, receiving State Recognized Status four times on Accountability Assessments since 2000, and receiving many athletic district titles.  In addition, in 2002 Park View was the home of a National Spelling Bee Finalist - she placed 27th in the nation.

In more recent years, Park View maintains an enrollment of around 575 students each year. The campus is proud to be a Summit Learning-Certified pilot campus, one of three in the district. In 2019, the campus was one of 12 schools in the district to be named a Gold Ribbon Campus. In 2023-2024, Park View was named a Texas School to Watch. We look forward to many more Park View successes and many more students in the future.

List of Principals:
-John Clinton 1965-1981
-James Satterwhite 1981-1992
-Merlin Mohr 1992-2000
-Robert Hasson 2000-2017
-Christina Serna 2017-present