Attendance Process for parents.pdf

Information for parents on Attendance.

  1. Parent excuses need to have the students full name and all dates to be covered. Parents, please remember to sign the excuse. Parent excuses only excuse 3days after 3 days a doctor note will be needed. 
  2. Parent excuses need to be turned in within 2days of the student returning. After the two days the system may not let the code change to excused. Doctor excuses can be turned in at any time.
  3. Doctor excuses need to have student legal name as on birth certificate. Doctor excuses will only cover the dates on the Dr. excuse. If student was out longer, please make sure the Dr. puts the dates as well or write a parent excuse for the other dates.

Ways to turn in excuses.

  1. Upload excuses in skyward. Log into your parent skyward and go into the Absent Tab select the date of the absence and select a reason.
    Reason that are excepted are as followed.
    1. Personal Illness
    2. Car trouble/traffic
    3. Death in family
    4. Doctor visit—Only excused if you upload your Dr. note. If no Dr. note it will not be approved.
    5. Family emergency
  2. Reasons not excepted are as followed.
    1. Overslept
    2. Other
    3. Religious day—only if you upload a church excuse signed by the church.
    4. Court –only if you upload a court excuse stamped by the judge.
  3. You can Fax excuses to 713-740-4115
  4. Email excuses to me at [email protected]

More than 6 unexcused days: Parents will be getting a call from the attendance clerk to try and get excuses to help clear some of the dates. 
More than
 10 unexcused days: Parent will get a call from grade level asst principal to be put on an attendance contract. Let’s try and stay off this list.

If you pick up a student early for a doctor appointment the student is still marked absent for any period, the student is not attending. So please have the student return the next day with the Dr. excuse to clear the periods the student missed.

If your student leaves early and has an afterschool event to attend, they need to be back in school by 2:30pm with the Dr. excuse to be able to attend the event.
For any questions feel free to call or email out Attendance Clerk.  


Bernadette Ayala (Attendance Clerk)
[email protected]